First Refinement

Initialization Phase:

File List

File Object list (File Name, File Path, Note Name, CRC)

Notebook Name

Evernote Connection Object

Database Connection Object

Execution Phase:

Prepare file list

Prepare File Objects with file

Update notebook name from the properties file.

Validate Evernote Connection

Validate Database Connection

Update staging table with file object details.

Upload each file to evernote with the details of staging table.

Update record with note link and notebook details in database table.

Validations Phase:

Check CRC for each file in local system with the file uploaded into evernote then mark it as upladed success

If CRC does not match mark it upload failed and delete note from evernote.

All checks have been successful.

Confirm Validations are good.

Post Validations Phase: code- aeJ2}@=q7kj5c+!}xBM%

Update a google sheet or microsoft excel sheet with the details of the upload.